Testing times and policies here:


Top 50 Vendors: 3 days (Top Vendors must send an E-Mail to after uploading notifying the staff they have a product waiting in the testing queue.)



Exclusive Products: 6 days (Exclusive products require a 60 day product/exclusive commitment once released into the MarketPlace.)


(Non-Exclusive products require a 30 day product commitment once released into the MarketPlace.


Above found at same link.


You come to this process with a very combative attitude that is not necessary or appreciated. IF you are unhappy with our system and our procedures, I would be happy to remove your products from the marketplace for you. I can do that today...very timely. 😊 the "previous struggles" were do to you not following instructions and arguing about how it should be done. It was not a problem for us. As we deal with theses "struggles" every day.


OR you can wait as outlined above and we will get to your product in the order to which we are instructed to follow. As outlined above.


Let me know how you wish to proceed.



Marketplace Manager



上位50社 3日 (トップ ベンダーは、アップロード後に までメールを送信し、テストキューで待機している製品があることをスタッフに知らせる必要があります。)









あなたはこのプロセスに非常に戦闘的な態度で来ていますが、それは必要とされていませんし、感謝されていません。もしあなたが私たちのシステムや手続きに不満があるのであれば、私は喜んであなたの製品をマーケットプレイスから削除します。私は今日それをすることができます...非常にタイムリーですね😊 「以前の苦戦」は、あなたが指示に従わず、どのように行うべきかについて口論していたことが原因でした。私たちにとっては問題ではありませんでした。私たちは毎日この「苦戦」に対処しています。












  • SmaSurf クイック検索

We will improve the promotional images.
However, since the company was founded by a single person, there is a limit to what he can do.
On top of that, it costs a lot of money to make a good image, so we can't say it's priceless, so we hope you'll forgive us for the extra cost.
In addition, we don't have the financial resources to do ad promotions properly, so we don't have the opportunity to make our products visible to the public.
Isn't there a difference between vendors who can pay the full cost of advertising and those who can't, based on the opportunities they are exposed to in the first place?
If you'll forgive my excuses, I'd love to hear them.
I'll let you make another item, but let me just say this.
My morphing skills are something I risked my life to learn for my swimsuit, and I see being denied that swimsuit as an insult like being denied my child.

I will definitely be releasing these three swimsuits. No matter what form it takes.

We'll release it at will, whether it's in a non-Rernderosity location or not.




Products and/or Promo images of poor quality will not be accepted for sale in the Marketplace - Renderosity reserves the right to decline any submission

If we have suggestions that will help your product sell you will receive an E-mail outlining any changes needed. Once the product has passed our Pre-Testing Review process it will then move on to the technical testing process.


Our review team has been doing this a long time and are highly aware of what types on content and or items will sell in the marketplace. I have reviewed the communications on the product, and your review person is simply letting you know that this item will not sell. And it is not unique enough to warrant or require 3 versions in the same product. We take unique items for the marketplace. I have reviewed the items in your store to date. Your  total sales/revenues to you is a little over $300 and you have 4 active products. All 4 are the same type of item. None of them have sold enough to be considered successful. The process of review and testing is a paid for position. We pay the team to review and test your items. Thus far the revenues on your store are not supportive of the time our team has put into  working with you.


I understand you have an idea of how you want to present your products. We are telling you that they will not sell. And it is not profitable for you or us and certainly not worth of the time spent to get them into the marketplace. The items in the testing/review queue as of today will be deleted. IF you choose to reupload ONE of these items for brokering please do so once it appears to be completely unique from the other already active items in your store. As a note, your images are not a good representation of your products. Our review team tells me your morphs are VERY well done. You should focus on those. Your posing is stiff and unrealistic. This could be one of the issues that is resulting in poor sales. If you continue as you have thus far, you will not improve as a vendor nor will your sales improve.


Our team does this every day, we do know what we are doing. When someone tries to tell you that your items look similar and guide you to present just 1 for sale. That is because we know what will sell. You already have 4 bathing suit like items in your store. Why not try making something different?


We will be deleting all items in the queue immediately after I send this. Please re-submit a UNIQUE item in the future and try to communicate with our team on a more professional level. We are here to help you. 😊

低品質の製品および/またはプロモーション画像は、マーケットプレイスでの販売には受け入れられません - Renderosityは、提出を拒否する権利を留保します。









これを送ったらすぐにキューに入っているものを削除します。今後はUNIQUEなアイテムを再投稿して、より専門的なレベルでチームとコミュニケーションをとるようにしてください。お世話になっています〜😊 宜しくお願いします。